Pattaya Scams

An unreliable boyfriend ? Just the opposite – disco scam


Ying was always unreliable. If she wasn’t late arriving at the disco or somewhere else it was because she probably wasn’t going to turn up at all.

She met her boyfriend in Issan. Issan is in the northeast of Thailand. He thought Ying was nice, despite her unreliability.
He didn’t know that the reason she was unreliable was her double life.

Even though they were nowhere near Pattaya or Bangkok, she was deceiving her boyfriend and seeing another farang (foreigner) in the same small town. Although her boyfriend had only been living in the town for a couple of months it didn’t stop her flirting and sleeping with the other guy. More scams.
(Later he found out it was her boyfriend from the past who, although he knew she had someone else, had persisted in seeing her, meeting her at a disco.)

Her new boyfriend brought her to Pattaya for a few days. He was trying to build up the relationship by taking her somewhere else, away from her familiar unreliable territory.
On the first night in Pattaya they went out for the evening, Ying wanted to party and stay out forever, her boyfriend was tired and wanted an earlier night.

So they went back to the hotel early, about 11pm – early for Pattaya, anyway. After a few hours he could sense Ying wasn’t sleeping. Eventually she got up, saying she had toothache and was going to find an all-night pharmacy and buy some pain-killers.

She went out at 2am. He tried to get to sleep and did drop off about 3am, despite Ying not having returned. Must still be trying to find the pharmacy, he thought. Always unreliable.

He fell asleep, not waking until 8am. Immediately he could sense the space in the bed and knew Ying hadn’t returned. He couldn’t stop worrying and envisaged all the usual scenarios to do with accidents and her lying unconscious in hospital.
He got up and wandered around near the hotel to see if there was something or someone to give him a clue.

After only fifteen minutes he saw her sauntering along the road, eating a snack. His relief turned to anger. “Where the hell have you been all this time?” he asked her.
She was very unconcerned about his worried state. She said she couldn’t find a pharmacy, then got lost on her way back to the hotel so walked along the beach, sleeping in a deck chair.

Yeah, sure.

They went back to the room and Ying went to sleep, despite the fact she had allegedly spent half the night sleeping in a deck chair.
Her boyfriend calmed down, relieved that Ying was safe.

Calmed down until a girl he had spoken to briefly together with Ying the previous day approached him when he went for a beer in the hotel bar while Ying was still sleeping.

She beckoned him over and looked around expecting Ying to appear from nowhere at any second.
“Where is your girlfriend?” she asked him cautiously.

“Oh, she’s sleeping in the room. She had toothache last night and didn’t sleep much.”
The new friend wrinkled her forehead. “I saw her last night, very late, about 3am.”

“Oh yes on the beach.” the boyfriend said.
“No, no, at the disco. She was with a Thai man, dancing for a long time. She left with him at 4am. I not want to tell you, I can see you look like a good man, but I can also see she is a bad lady, very bad.”

Suddenly he came to his senses and realised he had lost Ying.