My friend sick, I go now

Pattaya Scams

My friend sick, I go now scam


Has it ever occurred to you that the phone call your girl friend gets in the middle of the night might well be planned?

Maybe at some ungodly hour, say 3am or 4am her phone rings for her to have some conversation, the upshot is that she has to go now because “my friend sick” or “my friend no have key for room” or “mama come on bus to Pattaya now, she wait for me”

One guy from Canada was telling me how his wife was always looking for an excuse to go out late at night. At first it was occasionally, then the frequency increased. There always seemed to be some important reason why she had to go out.
Her friend was sick, her brother had a motorbike accident, someone was arrested for being drunk and needed bailing out from the local police station.
All these alleged good samaritan deeds.

In the end (after a lot of behind the scenes checking) it transpired she was stealing money from him and losing it playing cards.
It put an enormous strain on their marriage, and he felt unable to trust his wife for a very long time after that.

Only have driving license

Pattaya Scams

Only have driving license scam


A rather drunk tourist walked (or rather staggered) into the bar one evening.

He bought a couple of drinks, bought a girl a couple of drinks too.

He seemed to be very keen on getting to know the girl more, so it was agreed she would accompany him.
She went to change and he asked for his bill. (mehr …)

Inflated room service bill scam

Pattaya Scams

Inflated room service bill scam


Imagine you’re in Pattaya, had a night on the town, then gone back to your hotel with your lady.

You’re feeling peckish. No problem – the hotel has 24 hour room service. So you both order a banquet fit for a king. You know it’s not going to be expensive, this is your second time here in Thailand, so just get on with it.
And a few more beers on the same tab too.

The food and beer arrives. Your young lady opens the door, accepts the order and the waiter is standing there looking for payment. (It’s one of those cash for everything places, no putting the bill on your account here.)
Your girl tells you the bill has come to 3,900 Baht. Your mind is not functioning well after all those beers. You give her 4,000 Baht, which, she of her own accord tips the waiter the balance of 100 Baht.
Never mind, you’re on holiday, and it was very nice food after all. Beer wasn’t the same as at home, but it had the desired effect.

Early next morning the lady has to rush off to see her “sister”. She gives you a farewell peck on the cheek and she’s away. Gone.

As your hangover gradually diminishes over the course of the day, you mention to your pals about the “rather exorbitant” price of last night’s midnight feast – nearly 4,000 Baht.
They all agree there is something amiss there.

So spurred on in the knowledge you have been overcharged in error, you take the matter up at reception.
They check for you and show you the printed bill (including the girl’s signature agreeing the price) for the food and beer – 900 Baht.

How to avoid this scam? Easy to say, but don’t drink so much your judgment becomes impaired.

1000 Baht note – short change scam

Although isn’t always specific to bar girls, it tends to be something which sticks in people’s minds and unfortunately tends to be associated with the bar world.

Probably due to the alcohol consuming environment.

If your bill is less than 500 Baht, after paying with a 1,000 Baht note, the waitress will return with your change. This is sometimes when you look twice, see you have been given change for 500 Baht, and say to her “But I gave you a 1,000 Baht note”

The reply can be one of two options. Either she will realise you did give her 1,000 Baht and go back to the cashier to sort out the error.
Or, she might deny it emphatically, saying it was only a 500 Baht note you gave her.
If you end up going down this avenue, it’s obvious the matter will escalate, whether to your satisfaction is another point.

An aside from the bar scene:
I remember once buying a ticket for the Pattaya – Bangkok bus when the price was 90 Baht, the only change I had was a 500 Baht note. Waited for my 410 Baht change, the ticket clerk only offered 10 Baht. When I politely pointed out the error, there was no sudden recognition of her mistake from the lady, she just gave me the remaining 400 Baht without looking me in the eye, not a word of apology.

The way to avoid this pitfall? Make sure you always have plenty of small change when you go out, especially if you’re out on the town for the evening. The chance of you having consumed a lot of alcohol can encourage any not-so-honest staff to try on this scam.

Navy are here (2) – scam two girls

Pattaya Scams

Navy are here (2) – scam two girls


As stated in the first “navy are here (1)” article:
In the “good old days” when the US navy used to visit Pattaya in big numbers for Cobra Gold around May every year, everyone was guaranteed a good time.

This is sadly a case where a (very) few navy guys took advantage while they were having a good time, and stole from girls too. (mehr …)

Sadist tries to scam bar girl

Pattaya Scams

Sadist tries to scam bar girl


This is another true account (as they all are), I emphasise this to make the point there are a few not so nice people around, although this does make up only a very small minority in my experience.

There was a girl employed in a bar who went off with a local Thai to a motel.
Unfortunately he turned out to be quite nasty, a sadist, doing some unspeakable things to her, which I wouldn’t want to go into here. (mehr …)

A true professional, this bar girl loved them all – what scam ?

Pattaya Scams

A true professional, this bar girl loved them all – what scam ?


There was girl worked in a Pattaya GoGo bar as a dancer. She was unusual insomuch as she hardly ever danced.

She always, always, turned up for work late. This girl would saunter in, find her victim, chat him up, get him to buy her a couple of drinks, then he would pay the bar fine for her. She never had to dance for months at a time. (mehr …)

An unreliable boyfriend ? Just the opposite – disco scam

Pattaya Scams

An unreliable boyfriend ? Just the opposite – disco scam


Ying was always unreliable. If she wasn’t late arriving at the disco or somewhere else it was because she probably wasn’t going to turn up at all.

She met her boyfriend in Issan. Issan is in the northeast of Thailand. He thought Ying was nice, despite her unreliability.
He didn’t know that the reason she was unreliable was her double life. (mehr …)

A filth (smutt) story about a GoGo – bar theft scams

Pattaya Scams

A filth (smutt) story about a GoGo – bar theft scams


There was a nice Scandinavian man who, more than ten years ago, thought it would be a good idea to open his own GoGo bar in Pattaya with his girlfriend.

This was in the time when there were only a few GoGo bars around Pattaya, about thirty, not the eighty-odd we have now (2008)

He looked around for suitable premises and spent quite some time find a good location. The lease was negotiated and the empty premises taken over.

He was very enthusiastic, wanted everything just right to ensure it was a success. His Thai girlfriend was the mamasan and everything was in her name. Great. All the decoration in the bar was finished and his girlfriend was busy looking for staff.
She had to find would-be dancers, waitressing staff and a few other support staff – a DJ, cashier, cleaner, etc.

They opened and slowly built up trade. The nice Scandinavian guy had a friend called Dirty Brian. As this suggests, in Pattaya people tend to use descriptive names, rather than surnames.

I think you’ll realise what his character was by his nickname. Being the sort of person he was, Brian came along and encouraged the staff to become…filthy…is that clear enough?
This made the shows a real success, it was the filthiest bar in town.

(mehr …)

Have another boyfriend scam

Pattaya Scams

Have another boyfriend scam


So what happens to some poor chap who has met the love of his life, fallen for her big time, only to find he is in a “time-share” relationship with some other guy competing for the attention of the same lady?

This must happen the world over, but here in Thailand it sometimes appears to be run almost as a bizarre plate-spinning exercise, trying to see if the boyfriends can be kept on the go at the same time, without everything crashing down around their feet.

It can be a case of the girl looking for who will provide the best economic package for her needs, who is the better, kinder guy. Maybe (heaven forbid) the one who she loves the most.
I’m being rather cynical here, sorry.

The juggling exercise can be complicated for the girl too.
If she has two guys from abroad who visit then she needs to work out in advance which boyfriend is coming when and for how long.

She can’t afford to have both visiting at the same time, although I did hear of this once.
The girl had to tell both guys she was working and would only be able to see them during her time off. This is how she kept the two plates spinning simultaneously.
Neither of them were allowed to visit her at work of course and she was never allowed a day off. Poor soul.

Two girls – err, no way in this threesome scam

Pattaya Scams

Two girls – err, no way in this threesome scam


Sometimes the situation arises where at the instigation of either the guy or even the girl, a threesome is suggested.

Now if it’s a case where the girl is definitely not interested in this, then that’s the end of it. Period.
If she is genuinely interested, then you’re up for a good time! After all, this is Pattaya!

But – and a big but here, there could just be a girl who isn’t willing to do this, but she thinks she can talk her way out of it, still getting the guy to stump up for it.

I would suggest that if you get this far, just beware of any “heated” conversation between your two intended room-mates. It could well be a scam they are discussing, how to avoid actually doing anything together, rather than accepting or declining gracefully.

The most common way to avoid the three of you being in the same bed together is that one of the girls will wait in the bathroom. At the appropriate point she will be signaled to come out and the girls will change over.
You’ve got what you asked for – two girls, if you didn’t specify in gory detail exactly what they were supposed to do, then you do run the risk of being taken advantage of.

I do remember a friend telling me he was in another country trying the same option.
Again it came down to the same avoidance technique as above. This time though one of the girls started to cry, claiming she would get grief from the bar if he complained.
Afterwards whenever he bumped into her in the street, he always referred to her as “the failed lesbian” which didn’t go down too well with the girl oddly enough.

May sound a little harsh, but it takes all sorts.

„Have baby you“ scam

Pattaya Scams

“ Have baby you “ scam


This is what you can expect if you don’t take precautions.

Having said that, there is the more serious subject of contracting an STD, not to mention HIV.

OK, maybe something else happened and the condom split. Not unheard of, even in Pattaya.

However all of this is assuming you didn’t use a condom. If you’ve read this far in the website, then you could also be excused for thinking it could be part of a scam by a girl to claim to be pregnant, or even be pregnant and claim the child is yours, when nothing of the sort is true.

But, given the amount of experience that, unfortunately some girls have at trying to scam ferangs (foreigners) then it does beg this question: Wouldn’t a blood test and a DNA test be a good idea?

You would think so, surely.
Even if you are in a long term stable relationship, but not perhaps living in Thailand permanently, there is the opportunity for what could be called a fling, or one night stand.

Your girlfriend might just have an ex-boyfriend who showed up in town unexpectedly, and old passions were re-ignited. At least this gives you the chance to confirm any doubts – one way or the other.

Having said that, the local Thai female population is acutely aware that a percentage of Thai males in this predicament would just walk away, given the fact that there is nothing in Thailand to make the father of a child contribute to its welfare.

So, is it true love, and she’s up the duff? Or is it an attempt at relieving you of your hard-earned cash?

As mentioned above, if you think there is a chance this is true and your beloved is carrying your offspring, then take her for a pregnancy test or better still the DNA option.

It has been known in the past for some girls to get hold of a pregnancy report (from wherever) and use it to their advantage.
Sometimes it has even been known for the girl to blatantly use a test report in someone else’s name (in Thai script of course).

If you’re not going to check the information, either by translation or much better a second opinion with yourself present, then you can hardly expect any sympathy if the baby never appears after nine months or if it does, it’s a completely different race to the two of you!

Drunk – forgot his tilac: scam yourself

Pattaya Scams

Drunk – forgot his tilac: scam yourself


tilac – thai for sweetheart

It had been one of those nights. A very busy night in the bar with lots going on.

At the end it was noticed there was very drunk gentleman (OK I’m being diplomatic) who was having trouble focusing on anything around him.

That having been said, it didn’t stop him taking a fancy to one of the dancers and bar fining her.
She went upstairs to powder her nose or whatever it is girls do up there.

While she was out of his sight, he managed to pay his bill, stand up, wobble towards the door and get on a motorbike taxi off into the night.

Five minutes later and the unsuccessful girl came back downstairs to try to find her date, only to discover he was so drunk he must have forgotten her and gone home – or elsewhere.

Everyone thought he would come back the next night to complain about paying an unecessary bar fine – but he was never seen again.

Another case of someone self-scamming themselves!

Navy are here (1) – in this scam he scammed himself!

In the “good old days” when the US navy used to visit Pattaya in big numbers for Cobra Gold around May every year, everyone was guaranteed a good time.

The navy for availing themselves of the facilities and the bar owners who welcomed the upsurge in trade.

Some of these sailors were only 18 or 19 years old.
We always remember how keen they were, there was one instance the guy couldn’t wait to find a willing partner for a session of “hide the salami” as my friend Nightmarch describes it.

When the guy departed the bar, the lady in question was asked if everything went alright.

“Oh sure” she was very pleased with herself. The going rate eight or nine years ago would have been 500 to 1,000 Baht.

This keen young guy thrust 7,000 Baht in her hand and enquired if that was enough to cover it.

It surely was.

The house that Jack built scam

Pattaya Scams

The house that Jack built scam


There was a nice guy from…well let’s not worry about exactly where he was from.

However he came to Thailand a couple of times. And of course fell in love with a gorgeous girl from these sunny shores, in fact in Pattaya of course.
At this point there was never any hint of a scam or any scams to come. So much so that he planned to have a house built, move here, and they would live happily ever after.

But in order to do all this, he needed to carry on working for the present, save some money so he could build their dream house. Then he would move here for good.

So they found a piece of land which this chap bought for his girlfriend (foreigners cannot own land in Thailand) Then he got her to organise the building of the house. This was up-country, far away from Pattaya. From what I can gather it was going to be a modest, but nicely designed home.
The girlfriend kept him up to date with progress reports, how the concrete foundations were doing, the concrete and steel pillars to support the rest of the house, etc.

This guy was obviously a happy man. A new home for him and his future bride, so he could move here and retire to enjoy his time in Thailand with her.
The information she sent him was that the building was coming on slowly, but steadily.

After a few more months, he had the chance to come here for a short holiday and see the fruits of his investment.
It was at this point that his girlfriend started to try to stall his impending visit.

There seemed to a whole list of reasons why he should put off coming just now. She said that the builders had now finally pulled their finger out and the house was moving ahead nicely. In fact she said it was all going to be finished in another month. A great leap forward from what was happening in the beginning.

So, suggested the girlfriend, wouldn’t it be a good idea if he waited just a little longer until everything was completed, and the air conditioning was installed, so he wouldn’t have to suffer the hot weather here without it.
The boyfriend had to admit this did sound sensible, so he transferred some more money to cover the cost of the air-con and electrics, happy in the knowledge it would all soon be finished.

Come the day of his arrival, there was no-one to meet him at the airport.
His girlfriend’s mobile phone seemed to be playing up too.
So he made his own way up-country to their new house.

What new house?
He arrived at the plot of land to find it exactly the same as when he left all those months ago.
Empty, bare, barren. Devoid of any building work or new house.

He still couldn’t get hold of his girlfriend, and now the penny was starting to drop.
He managed to ascertain that the plot of land he had bought for her still belonged to the original owner, he found out it had never been sold to anyone.

Sadly a very, very, expensive scam.

Apart from only renting property here rather than buying, if you do ever decide to go down the house buying/building route, then you need to have a lawyer who will ensure all is above board and legal.

However, the single most important factor is still being able to trust your partner.

Missing cash scam

Pattaya Scams

Missing cash scam


A long time expat resident of Pattaya had a new girlfriend, he seemed to be quite happy together with her.

In fact, she was fairly unreliable, so much so that he spent a decent amount of time chasing around the city to try and locate her.

Anyway after a while it looked like they might just become an item. She spent a lot of time together with him in his flat.
As is the case with some people, they seem to be able for sleep for twelve hours a day, regularly, irrespective of whether they’ve been working or just relaxing.

So our hero would get up and go off to do whatever it was he did, leaving his sweetheart (called Lek) fast asleep for many more hours to come.
This went on for weeks, him up and about, her fast asleep for twice as long as her boyfriend.

After a few weeks the guy had to check some belongings in his wardrobe draw. That’s when he found inexplicably a substantial amount of cash was missing.
So he had left it unlocked in the draw while Lek was there on her own, apparently asleep.

Later she admitted that she rifled through everything in the room, found the cash and regularly removed a chunk of it. A scam.

I found out afterwards that one of the reasons he was so keen on Lek, was she had a sister called Noo, who was two years older than her (Lek was 19 and Noo 21). The two were almost inseparable, if you get my meaning.

So that made a cosy threesome for them. Expensive, but cosy.