Pattaya Scams

A true professional, this bar girl loved them all – what scam ?


There was girl worked in a Pattaya GoGo bar as a dancer. She was unusual insomuch as she hardly ever danced.

She always, always, turned up for work late. This girl would saunter in, find her victim, chat him up, get him to buy her a couple of drinks, then he would pay the bar fine for her. She never had to dance for months at a time.

There seemed to be no scams with her. You could describe her as a true professional in every sense of the word. Let’s call her Nid.

And could she drink. She could out-drink just about any ferang (foreigner). She took no prisoners, as they say. She made an awful lot of money for the GoGo bar, drinking Heineken in there drink-for-drink with the guys.

To carry on with the professional theme, Nid also had a string of boyfriends sending her money. She truly was a charmer.

I remember once she went in a taxi to the airport in Bangkok with her current boyfriend to see him off. He went through into the departure lounge. She did no more than walk downstairs to arrivals and met her next victim – sorry, boyfriend – an hour and a half later.
Came back with him in the same taxi.
What a girl.

Eventually one day in the bar Nid met a chap from…sorry, no details here. Anyway, it was his first trip to Thailand, and specifically Pattaya.
Indoctrination by fire, you could call it.

This was the first Thai girl he had ever met. Just arrived that day and (unfortunately for him) wandered into the bar where she worked.
That was it, he was hooked. As per usual, she got him to take her out, staying with him all of his holiday. He had no choice, she was in charge.

I was introduced to him. When he realised I lived here, he confided to me that he would like me to check Nid was OK when he went home, and she didn’t want for anything.

In no time at all he was going back home to wherever. They swore never-ending love, he would come back as soon as he could, he left in the knowledge his sweetheart would wait for him forever.

Well one or two days anyway.

After about a month, I received a text message. I’ll always remember it. It was the first SMS I ever received. From Nid’s victim in…yes, wherever.
He asked me if she was alright and was she missing him?
What could I do but lie? Of course, she was here, spent her days doing charity work and went to bed when the sun went down.

The poor guy kept calling Nid and texting me regularly.

One day I started to feel guilty and carefully began suggesting that she wasn’t actually as clean as the driven snow.
About six text messages back and forth and I told him the truth.
He was having none of it, got almost abusive and that was that.

Well he kept coming to Pattaya to see her. Then they got married, he got her a visa and she went with him to…wherever, to live happily ever after.


A few of years later I heard through someone who knew the couple, that Nid had been screwing her husband’s brother. The brother fell for her big time (sigh) and they went off together.
She came back to Thailand with him.

I’ve heard no more.

Wonder how it’s all going.