Pattaya Scams

Sadist tries to scam bar girl


This is another true account (as they all are), I emphasise this to make the point there are a few not so nice people around, although this does make up only a very small minority in my experience.

There was a girl employed in a bar who went off with a local Thai to a motel.
Unfortunately he turned out to be quite nasty, a sadist, doing some unspeakable things to her, which I wouldn’t want to go into here.

The girl herself managed to get out of the motel room, rushed back to the bar really angry, which in a way was a better way to handle it, rather than breaking down in tears.

Everyone tried to help, including some local heavies to seek their revenge on this pervert.
However, he did have the presence of mind to check out from the motel, and as a result of this no more could be done.

The next day the DJ turned up for work, heard what had happened the previous night and calmly told everyone he knew the guy by sight, including where he worked.

On the strength of this a local helpful policeman was informed, who went to seek out the perpetrator of the incident.

The guy was apprehended and an extra-judicial judgment sought, and achieved.

Result was the guy was told in no uncertain terms to pack his bags and leave town. He was also made to pay the money he didn’t give the girl, including paying back the cash he stole from her purse when she was in the shower – another scam.

Further to this, the guy’s wife was present and informed what he’d been up to. Upon which she proceeded to verbally divorce him and have nothing more to do with him.

So in the end a satisfactory result, given the circumstances.