Pattaya Scams

My friend sick, I go now scam


Has it ever occurred to you that the phone call your girl friend gets in the middle of the night might well be planned?

Maybe at some ungodly hour, say 3am or 4am her phone rings for her to have some conversation, the upshot is that she has to go now because “my friend sick” or “my friend no have key for room” or “mama come on bus to Pattaya now, she wait for me”

One guy from Canada was telling me how his wife was always looking for an excuse to go out late at night. At first it was occasionally, then the frequency increased. There always seemed to be some important reason why she had to go out.
Her friend was sick, her brother had a motorbike accident, someone was arrested for being drunk and needed bailing out from the local police station.
All these alleged good samaritan deeds.

In the end (after a lot of behind the scenes checking) it transpired she was stealing money from him and losing it playing cards.
It put an enormous strain on their marriage, and he felt unable to trust his wife for a very long time after that.