Pattaya Scams

Missing cash scam


A long time expat resident of Pattaya had a new girlfriend, he seemed to be quite happy together with her.

In fact, she was fairly unreliable, so much so that he spent a decent amount of time chasing around the city to try and locate her.

Anyway after a while it looked like they might just become an item. She spent a lot of time together with him in his flat.
As is the case with some people, they seem to be able for sleep for twelve hours a day, regularly, irrespective of whether they’ve been working or just relaxing.

So our hero would get up and go off to do whatever it was he did, leaving his sweetheart (called Lek) fast asleep for many more hours to come.
This went on for weeks, him up and about, her fast asleep for twice as long as her boyfriend.

After a few weeks the guy had to check some belongings in his wardrobe draw. That’s when he found inexplicably a substantial amount of cash was missing.
So he had left it unlocked in the draw while Lek was there on her own, apparently asleep.

Later she admitted that she rifled through everything in the room, found the cash and regularly removed a chunk of it. A scam.

I found out afterwards that one of the reasons he was so keen on Lek, was she had a sister called Noo, who was two years older than her (Lek was 19 and Noo 21). The two were almost inseparable, if you get my meaning.

So that made a cosy threesome for them. Expensive, but cosy.