Pattaya Scams

Inflated room service bill scam


Imagine you’re in Pattaya, had a night on the town, then gone back to your hotel with your lady.

You’re feeling peckish. No problem – the hotel has 24 hour room service. So you both order a banquet fit for a king. You know it’s not going to be expensive, this is your second time here in Thailand, so just get on with it.
And a few more beers on the same tab too.

The food and beer arrives. Your young lady opens the door, accepts the order and the waiter is standing there looking for payment. (It’s one of those cash for everything places, no putting the bill on your account here.)
Your girl tells you the bill has come to 3,900 Baht. Your mind is not functioning well after all those beers. You give her 4,000 Baht, which, she of her own accord tips the waiter the balance of 100 Baht.
Never mind, you’re on holiday, and it was very nice food after all. Beer wasn’t the same as at home, but it had the desired effect.

Early next morning the lady has to rush off to see her “sister”. She gives you a farewell peck on the cheek and she’s away. Gone.

As your hangover gradually diminishes over the course of the day, you mention to your pals about the “rather exorbitant” price of last night’s midnight feast – nearly 4,000 Baht.
They all agree there is something amiss there.

So spurred on in the knowledge you have been overcharged in error, you take the matter up at reception.
They check for you and show you the printed bill (including the girl’s signature agreeing the price) for the food and beer – 900 Baht.

How to avoid this scam? Easy to say, but don’t drink so much your judgment becomes impaired.