Pattaya Scams

A filth (smutt) story about a GoGo – bar theft scams


There was a nice Scandinavian man who, more than ten years ago, thought it would be a good idea to open his own GoGo bar in Pattaya with his girlfriend.

This was in the time when there were only a few GoGo bars around Pattaya, about thirty, not the eighty-odd we have now (2008)

He looked around for suitable premises and spent quite some time find a good location. The lease was negotiated and the empty premises taken over.

He was very enthusiastic, wanted everything just right to ensure it was a success. His Thai girlfriend was the mamasan and everything was in her name. Great. All the decoration in the bar was finished and his girlfriend was busy looking for staff.
She had to find would-be dancers, waitressing staff and a few other support staff – a DJ, cashier, cleaner, etc.

They opened and slowly built up trade. The nice Scandinavian guy had a friend called Dirty Brian. As this suggests, in Pattaya people tend to use descriptive names, rather than surnames.

I think you’ll realise what his character was by his nickname. Being the sort of person he was, Brian came along and encouraged the staff to become…filthy…is that clear enough?
This made the shows a real success, it was the filthiest bar in town.

All was going well, the boss was enjoying his success and notoriety, Brian had done a good job and the mamasan ran everything with precision.

Sort of.

Things started to go downhill when the boss found out his girlfriend had another guy on the side. Well, not so much on the side as full-on.
Then he discovered that the guy was Thai. Not only that, but a policeman too. Rather well connected.
The crunch came when his girlfriend decided she wanted no more to do with the Swede, but wanted the Thai guy instead.

Wasn’t that bad enough?
Not yet, no.

Remember the bar was in his girlfriend’s name?
Yes, you’re switched on here. The Swede was given his marching orders and the Thai couple had it all for themselves.

Now there are so many more bars in town, the trade is more competitive and staff are earning a considerable amount more than they ever did, making it more difficult than before to make the same amount of money.

But for our hero, he did at least have a time when he was running his own successful filthy GoGo bar.