Pattaya Scams

Have another boyfriend scam


So what happens to some poor chap who has met the love of his life, fallen for her big time, only to find he is in a “time-share” relationship with some other guy competing for the attention of the same lady?

This must happen the world over, but here in Thailand it sometimes appears to be run almost as a bizarre plate-spinning exercise, trying to see if the boyfriends can be kept on the go at the same time, without everything crashing down around their feet.

It can be a case of the girl looking for who will provide the best economic package for her needs, who is the better, kinder guy. Maybe (heaven forbid) the one who she loves the most.
I’m being rather cynical here, sorry.

The juggling exercise can be complicated for the girl too.
If she has two guys from abroad who visit then she needs to work out in advance which boyfriend is coming when and for how long.

She can’t afford to have both visiting at the same time, although I did hear of this once.
The girl had to tell both guys she was working and would only be able to see them during her time off. This is how she kept the two plates spinning simultaneously.
Neither of them were allowed to visit her at work of course and she was never allowed a day off. Poor soul.