This bar with an unusual name is one of the best beer bars in Pattaya and is in the small soi linking Pattayland soi 1 and soi 2 in the heart of Pattaya.

The first impression of the Kennel Bar Pattaya is that it looks like a small hole in the wall type establishment. Having said that is a very popular place with expats and regular tourists alike.

I hasten to add the name is no reflection on the quality of girls in the bar!

Kennel Bar

Kennel Bar

In the Kennel Bar the art of conversation is definately encouraged, there’s no overpowering music to distract your attention from what you were talking about how to put the world to rights.

Indeed the owner is in the bar every night to „meet and greet“ customers. Dave is a Scottish guy and quite willing to sit and chat and impart his considerable expertise on matters Thai (and not-so-Thai too). He has been in Pattaya for I think about 18 years. This obviously gives weight to the fact he’s been successfully running the Kennel bar for so many years now.

An ex-fireman and later a safety officer working offshore, Dave will sit and chew the cud til the cows come home (geddit?) and he often does!
Sport in The Kennel Bar Pattaya
Sport is regularly shown on the bar TVs, Saturdays and Sundays the premier football matches are always shown, but again it all comes over as a social event with lively discussion on the quality of the referee’s eyesight often prevailing!

Dave has menus on hand from nearby cafes and restaurants who deliver food and his staff will place your order for you, so that you can enjoy your food in the Kennel without missing a word of Dave’s wisdom.

kennel bar pattayaI can personally recommend ordering the Mexican food from the Blue Parrot restaurant nearby.
If you’re adventurous, then try asking Dave for a couple of spots of his famous „Dave’s Insanity Sauce“ to put on your food.
It’s not as you might think, Dave’s own home-made sauce, but an American import which is hot-hot-hot to say the least.

This tear jerker has even the Thais in tears, they think it’s just some whimpy attempt at chilli sauce, but boy are they wrong!
The number of girls I’ve seen reduced to tears just tasting a spot of this stuff is truly amazing.

Being a Scot, Hogmanay at the end of the calendar year is always celebrated in the Kennel Pattaya. It’s a sight to remember, seeing Dave and a few other Scot expats in their kilt and sporran. I don’t know if any lost Japanese tourists have ever mistaken the party for an ulgy katoey get-together, I’ve never had the courage to ask Dave!