The Derbyshire bar is run by a friendly bloke called Andrew who also happens to hail from Derbyshire. This bar is popular with expats due to the bar participating in the local quiz night league. Admittedly if you only know soi 6 for it’s general reputation, then a quiz night would not exactly be something at the front of your mind.
But a quiz night they do participate in regularly and it certainly does well, bringing regular customers who otherwise might be involved in more dubious activities!

As you walk down soi six from Second Road, the Derbyshire Bar is on the left-hand side. It’s an open air bar, so there’s not so much of the normal soi six activities going on here – well not in the bar anyway.

I must admit I’m not much of a regular visitor to this soi, but on the few occasions I’ve been into the Derbyshire Bar, it’s always had a friendly crowd in there who seem very welcoming.

There are some snacks available for customers, but there again, if you’re involved in putting the world to rights, rather than your own garments you probably wouldn’t be looking to “eat out” a four-course meal, would you?

So drop in, have a drink and a chat and you could well be educated in a purely platonic sense

Soi six is definitely a soi with more going for it than a lot of people would give it credit for!