Pattaya Scams

Only have driving license scam


A rather drunk tourist walked (or rather staggered) into the bar one evening.

He bought a couple of drinks, bought a girl a couple of drinks too.

He seemed to be very keen on getting to know the girl more, so it was agreed she would accompany him.
She went to change and he asked for his bill.

Less than a thousand Baht. He looked in his wallet, but found he had no money.

He proceeded to tell the staff how important he was back home, and everyone trusted him so they could be sure he would come back the next day and pay when he had some more cash.

I’m not wanting to sound uncharitable here, but the staff have heard this sort of story in the past. Also it’s not up to them to give credit.

The drunk guy started to get upset and swear at the staff (not nice).
He calmed down and tried again:

A very important person back at home, his word was his bond, why couldn’t they see this?
Still getting no credit, the staff don’t want to be the victim of a scam.

OK, last resort. He volunteered his driving licence as surety. A Florida state licence. That would be acceptable, he was convinced.
He got angry again.

Eventually the mamasan got fed up and called the police.

They turned up (eventually). They asked him to pay. He had no cash.
He was taken to the police station and kept until he could find someone with some money to pay his bill for him.

The point is:
Why would you go into a bar, a restaurant, a hotel, consume the goods without having the money to pay the bill?
Don’t do it!
You’re not going to be the first to try this on, and you won’t be the last!