Pattaya Scams

Navy are here (2) – scam two girls


As stated in the first “navy are here (1)” article:
In the “good old days” when the US navy used to visit Pattaya in big numbers for Cobra Gold around May every year, everyone was guaranteed a good time.

This is sadly a case where a (very) few navy guys took advantage while they were having a good time, and stole from girls too.

Our dancers used to have T-shirts which they took off when dancing, and put on again while sitting down talking to customers.
Fair enough, due to the slip-shod attitude of some of the staff, they tended to dump their T-shirt on the seats and go to dance.

While one navy guy was sitting around he edged along the seat to sit on the T-shirt, then slipped it into his pocket. He was doing his own scam.

What was his thinking behind this, who knows. I only know that the girl would have to pay out of her own pocket to buy another T-shirt, as she was the one who left it laying around to be stolen.

Unfortunately for him the mamasan saw the navy guy do this and challenged him,. He denied it and left the bar quite suddenly.
The mamasan and another member of staff were so incensed that they followed him.

On the pier the navy used what is referred to as a “husbanding service”. This was a ferry to shuttle them to their ships.
This is where he headed. The two women followed him.

The entrance to the ferry was policed by US Shore Patrol during Cobra Gold, responsible for looking after the guys on shore leave.
The mamasan spoke to one of the Shore Patrol and pointed out the navy rating who had stolen the T-shirt.

He was told to take it out of his pocket and hand it over.
Then Shore Patrol took his name and proceeded to escort him back to ship for further enquiries.

The same year, there was another navy group came into the bar. They were also having a good time, and had a keepsake of their visit. A silk dressing gown with the name of another bar embroidered on the back.

I chatted to them and asked how they came by the dressing gown.
They all laughed and said that one of them distracted the girl who had placed it on a seat outside of the bar.
One of the other blokes picked it up and sauntered off with it while she was being kept occupied. A scam

I pointed out to them that the girl would undoubtedly have her salary docked for losing what was regarded as her uniform.

Not interested. They weren’t in the slightest bothered.