Pattaya Scams

Drunk – forgot his tilac: scam yourself


tilac – thai for sweetheart

It had been one of those nights. A very busy night in the bar with lots going on.

At the end it was noticed there was very drunk gentleman (OK I’m being diplomatic) who was having trouble focusing on anything around him.

That having been said, it didn’t stop him taking a fancy to one of the dancers and bar fining her.
She went upstairs to powder her nose or whatever it is girls do up there.

While she was out of his sight, he managed to pay his bill, stand up, wobble towards the door and get on a motorbike taxi off into the night.

Five minutes later and the unsuccessful girl came back downstairs to try to find her date, only to discover he was so drunk he must have forgotten her and gone home – or elsewhere.

Everyone thought he would come back the next night to complain about paying an unecessary bar fine – but he was never seen again.

Another case of someone self-scamming themselves!