Pattaya Scams

“ Have baby you “ scam


This is what you can expect if you don’t take precautions.

Having said that, there is the more serious subject of contracting an STD, not to mention HIV.

OK, maybe something else happened and the condom split. Not unheard of, even in Pattaya.

However all of this is assuming you didn’t use a condom. If you’ve read this far in the website, then you could also be excused for thinking it could be part of a scam by a girl to claim to be pregnant, or even be pregnant and claim the child is yours, when nothing of the sort is true.

But, given the amount of experience that, unfortunately some girls have at trying to scam ferangs (foreigners) then it does beg this question: Wouldn’t a blood test and a DNA test be a good idea?

You would think so, surely.
Even if you are in a long term stable relationship, but not perhaps living in Thailand permanently, there is the opportunity for what could be called a fling, or one night stand.

Your girlfriend might just have an ex-boyfriend who showed up in town unexpectedly, and old passions were re-ignited. At least this gives you the chance to confirm any doubts – one way or the other.

Having said that, the local Thai female population is acutely aware that a percentage of Thai males in this predicament would just walk away, given the fact that there is nothing in Thailand to make the father of a child contribute to its welfare.

So, is it true love, and she’s up the duff? Or is it an attempt at relieving you of your hard-earned cash?

As mentioned above, if you think there is a chance this is true and your beloved is carrying your offspring, then take her for a pregnancy test or better still the DNA option.

It has been known in the past for some girls to get hold of a pregnancy report (from wherever) and use it to their advantage.
Sometimes it has even been known for the girl to blatantly use a test report in someone else’s name (in Thai script of course).

If you’re not going to check the information, either by translation or much better a second opinion with yourself present, then you can hardly expect any sympathy if the baby never appears after nine months or if it does, it’s a completely different race to the two of you!