The bar with it’s delicate sounding name is actually run by a friendly Geordie guy who goes by the name of Rob.

Needless to say if there’s a Newcastle United match on the TV in the bar, it will be Rob egging on his team by far the loudest. This doesn’t mean Rob’s only football orientated, not at all. He is a very sociable and friendly guy who has made his life out here in Pattaya for about seven years now.

Thai Rose Bar - Soi 6 - Pattaya

Short Time Bar – Thai Rose Bar – Soi 6 – Pattaya

The bar certainly seems to have built up a following, not only amongst northerners, but many guys who are often to be found chatting to Rob.

Soi 6, along with its well-known reputation must have the highest number of dine-and-dash outlets (as my friend Nightmarch describes them) in Pattaya and probably the rest of Thailand too.

That having been said this doesn’t stop the Thai Rose from being a friendly bar, the staff are welcoming and do their best to make you feel at ease, as well as gently encouraging you to partake of the local refreshments on offer (liquid or otherwise).

Although soi 6 tends to be perceived as a daytime visitation area, I have personally been in Thai Rose in the evening with Rob and had a very pleasant time. The time you would expect to have in any bar in Pattaya. But because of the soi’s perceived status, it does make it an all the more enjoyable visit when you realise that here is a bar which is also a sociable establishment.

So if you do want to visit soi 6 and have the opportunity to chat about anything under the sun, rather than just check the decor in some of the other rooms then this is the bar to go to.

There are regular visitors to the Land of Smiles who make it a priority to go and see Rob when they come to Pattaya and particularly Pattaya Beach, such is his reputation as a good guy. I know another Geordie and his Thai wife who without fail visit Thai Rose and Rob when they return to Pattaya for their annual pilgrimage.
This is one place I’d personally recommend you have a look at if you happen to be in the area. Don’t be shy, pop in and check if Rob in around – he usually is.

If football’s not your interest that’s not a problem. But if you are keen on Newcastle United, carry on supporting them and lend your vocal support to Rob the next time they are playing!